Michael Cox

A Brief History

Michael Cox : Born Michael James Cox, 19 March 1940, in Liverpool, Lancashire), a pop-singer ("Angela Jones") and actor, also known as Michael James.


Michael auditioned for "Oh Boy!", a madcap live musical show on British Television. and was immediately signed up by a very impressed Jack Good. His debut on the show April 1959 saw him sing Ricky Nelson's "Never Be Anyone Else But You".

Although Michael had released a couple of Jack Good produced records for the Decca label, they weren't very popular. Then came the John D. Loudermilk song entitled "Angela Jones" produced for Joe Meek's tiny Triumph label. The song a rather tepid teenage tearjerker was successful for Michael, reaching No.7 in June 1960

"Angela Jones" put Joe Meek's name firmly on the map and after singing this number on "Wham!" the record went straight into the charts at #20. Unfortunately, the tiny Triumph company could not handle the public's demand for pressings and what could have been Michael's & Triumph's/Joe Meek's  success story, fell short of it's possible # 1 goal.

Michael Cox, who was apparently popular in both Denmark & Sweden, then moved to the The "His Master's Voice" record label and released a # 41 hit with the follow up song to "Angela Jones" called "Along Came Caroline"

In the Summer of 1961 Joe Meek recruited "The Krew-Kats" It's 1961 Line-up, Big’ Jim Sullivan (lead guitar), Tony Belcher (rhythm guitar), Brian ‘Licorice’ Locking (bass guitar), Brian Bennett (drums)] They held a recording session with Michael and several songs were cut.  4 remaining songs have surfaced and are included here @ mph.

Michael's busy recording career for many years on the Decca, Pye, Triumph, HMV and Parlophone labels , all produced by the well-known Joe Meek. He would never again reach the heights of his first chart success.

Lack of another 'big follow up hit' instilled a need for Michael to change his direction. After attending drama school he appeared in TV plays, commercials and films. Near the end of the 1970's he began working the cruise ships where he met his wife-to-be. Finding an avenue for work in the US, he made Television appearances there and eventual emigrated there.

In 1981 he and his wife moved to New Zealand (her birthplace) where he continues to work on television as Michael James.


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