The Accents

Several early 50's & 60's groups have been called "The Accents"

I have tried to be as accurate as possible with the references of groups calling themselves "The Accents", If we have made errors in our song inclusion please write to us with the correction and alternate label the song may have come from so we can correct it.


Accents: Featuring Robert Draper - 1958 - 1959

Click Here For Autumn Leaves Click Here For Dreamin' & Schemin'
Click Here For I Give My Heart To You Click Here For Wiggle Wiggle

Accents - 1962 - Joker 200

Click Here For Till You Bring Your Love Back Click Here For Zing (Went The Strings Of My Heart)

Accents - 1963 - Mercury

Click Here For Tell Me Now  

Accents - 1964 - Bangar/Garrett

Click Here For Howlin' For My Baby Click Here For Do You Need A Good Man

Sandi & The Accents 1964

Click Here For Better Watch Out Boy  

Scott English & The Accents 1962 - 1964

Click Here For All I Want Is You Click Here For Here Comes The Pain
Click Here For High On The Hill Click Here For Our Wonderful Love
Click Here For Rags To Riches  


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