The Archies

 1968 - 1971

Above L to R: Sabrina, Archie, Jughead, Reggie, Veronica & mascot "Hotdog"

The Archies: Were a studio group that developed from the pages of an animated comic strip and into a TV show called "The Archie Show". It first aired on Saturdays from September of 1968 and lasted 'till September 1971. The idea was the brainchild of "Monkees" mastermind Don Kirshner. He got together with one "Jeff Barry" of "The Raindrops" fame and wrote some songs that could be aired via "The Archie Show" using session musicians, under the 'guise of cartoon characters: Archie - Lead Guitar, Reggie - Second Guitar or Bass. Jughead - Drums, Betty - Tambourine/ Percussion and occasional Guitar and Veronica - Organ and Keyboard. So doing he hoped that his target audience would be advantageous to his success. Everyone thought this was a silly idea but for Kirshner, after three Archies' albums in three years, it proved the idea  was not so silly after all. The happy-go-lucky music of "Bubblegum Pop" era lives on in history in the memories of many baby boomers.


Click Here For Archie's Party Click Here For A Time For Love
Click Here For Bang-Shang-A-Lang Click Here For Bicycle, Roller Skates & You
Click Here For Don't Touch My Guitar Click Here For Everything's Alright
Click Here For Everything's Archie - TV Show Theme Click Here For Feelin' So Good (S.K.O.O.B.Y.D.O.O)
Click Here For Get On The Line Click Here For Hot Dogs
Click Here For Inside Out, Upside Down Click Here For Jingle Jangle
Click Here For Kissin' Click Here For Melody Hil
Click Here For Over & Over Click Here For Rock & Roll Music
Click Here For Seventeen Ain't Young Click Here For Sugar, Sugar
Click Here For Sugar & Spice Click Here For Sunshine
Click Here For This Is Love Click Here For Truck Driver
Click Here For Who's Gonna Love Me Click Here For Who's Your Baby
Click Here For You Little Angel You Click Here For You Make Me Wanna Dance


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