The Atlantics

The Atlantics

Instrumental Group


Click Her For Adventures in Paradise Click Her For Arabian Surf
Click Her For Atlantic Echo Click Her For Baby Blue - Vocal
Click Her For Blue Bottles Click Her For Bombora
Click Her For Boo Boo Stick Beat Click Her For Boo Hoo Hoo - Vocal
Click Her For Cherry Pink & Apple Blossom White Click Her For The Crusher
Click Her For Dawn Patrol Click Her For Flight of the Surf Guitar
Click Her For The Girl Can't Help It - Vocal Click Her For Greensleeves
Click Her For In The Shadows Click Her For I Put a Spell on You - Vocal

Click Her For Rondo A La Turk

Click Her For Saturday Night

Click Her For Shark Attack Click Her For Surfers Paradise
Click Her For Teddy Bears Picnic Stomp Click Her For War of the Worlds


These evaluation recordings are non-commercial low-fi copies (24-32 kbps.) To purchase quality licensed copies,  visit a music retailer or authorised download site.


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