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The Eighteenth Century Quartet or 18 CQ as it was commonly referred to was one of the most interesting and innovative Aussie bands of the mid-Sixties. Founded and led during 1964-65 by renowned musician and songwriter  Hans Poulsen  This all-acoustic four-piece group, which had no drummer, featured multi-instrumentalist Ted Baarda, violinist Ron Snellgrove and bassist Steve Dunstan. The use of a baroque style and unusual instruments made it unique.

The second rendition active (1966-1967) was more pop-oriented. The line-up featured Keith Glass, guitarist John Pugh & bassist Frank Lyons and a series of drummers. They basically only cut 4 tracks and these are featured below. Hans remained as part of the second line-up for a while but then took his style and exited to pursue another path.


18th Century Quartet


18th CQ (1964 - 1965)

Hans Poulsen

Click Here For 18th CQ Fugue Click Here For 18th CQ Theme
Click Here For Come As You Are Click Here For Conscription
Click Here For Ghost Town - Instrumental Click Here For I Don't Wanna Sing Without You
Click Here For If Sun Shone Blue Click Here For I'm Gonna Treat You Good
Click Here For I Will Never See You Anymore Click Here For Japanese Village - Instrumental
Click Here For Lucky Man Click Here For Walk Fast Thru The Alleys Of Harlem - Instrumental

18th Century Quartet (1966 - 1967)

Keith Glass

Click Here For Am I A Lover Click Here For Distant Relative Click Here For Drawing Room Click Here For Rachel


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