The Executives

Australian rock group "The Executives" In 1966 were right up there as one of Sydney's most highly rated bands due mainly to their level of musicianship - between them, the six members could play thirty one different instruments, varying from violin to harpsichord. By 1968 they had become Australia's most sophisticated rock group. They travelled to the US but still enjoyed chart success at home, particularly in Sydney. On their second trip to the states in 1969, they changed their name to "Inner Sense", the following year they became "Transition". By 1974 they were working once again as "The Executives".

NB. A member of "Transition" was "Jonne Sands" who had a solo hit in October, 1968 with 'Mothers And Fathers' see the "Alpha S" in 70-80's Australaisian page to hear the song.


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