Heralding The Birth of The "Bubblegum" Genre



Super 'K' Productions.

1968 - 1972

Collectively known as "Super K Productions" or simply "Super K"

It would be presumptuous to say Kasenetz-Katz actually invented the genre as novelty acts had been around for years. Prior to 1968 we had, "The Olympics" of Doo wop fame with their 1958 hit, "Western Movies", "Sam The Sham & The Pharaohs" with their 1965 smash hits, "Wooly Bully" & "Li'l Red Riding Hood" and not to forget "The Royal Guardsmen" with their 1966 novelty songs of Snoopy & The Red Baron. Largely seen as mere novelty acts, groups such as these were short-lived, nobody really grasped how to market the music to their target audiences or had given the genre a name.

Kasenetz-Katz came along and coined the term "Bubblegum", Their production company "Super K Productions" was a New York "bubblegum" hit factory, where a seemingly unending array of unusual sounding alias' were used in production so it wouldn't appear as the same group. In this manner Kasenetz-Katz managed to pull off a string of Top-40 hits in just under two years.

The generic 'Bubblegum" groups were manufactured in studios, some like "The Monkees" & "The Banana Splits" were made solely for TV. They prolifically recording lightweight, fluffy pop songs, mostly one-hit wonders and were often given quirky names. Below I've listed some of the groups that rolled off the "Super K Productions" conveyer belt.

• The Carnaby Street Runners • Chicago Prohibition • Crazy Elephant • J.C.W. Rat Finks • The Fat Man's Music Festival • The Flying Giraffe • The Charles E. Funk Rebellion • The Great Train Robbery • Lt Garcia's Magic Music Box • Music Explosion • 1989 Musical Marching Zoo • 1910 Fruitgum Company • Ohio Express • Professor Morrison's Lollipop • Shadows Of Knight • St Louis Invisible Marching Band • The Teri Nelson Group •

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One such group  was the mother of all groups, a "SUPERGROUP' a mixing bowl of 46 Rock & Roll musicians, playing as one massive orchestra. Crazy as it may sound, Kasenetz-Katz rented Carnegie Hall for the début and on the 7th June in 1968, eight of the nations most exciting groups of the time, exploded into a riotous, extravaganza to arouse the senses.

"Kasenetz-Katz Singing Orchestral Circus"

The "supergroup" as they were billed, consisted of 46 members from 8 Groups and yielded the Top 25 hit with "Quick Joey Small (Run Joey Run)"


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1910 Fruitgum Co.
 Ohio Express
Music Explosion
 Lt. Garcia's Magic Music Box
The Teri Nelson Group
J.C.W. Rat Finks

and the yet unsigned groups

St. Louis Invisible Marching Band
1989 Musical Marching Zoo


"Kasenetz-Katz Super Cirkus"

Unlike the first album, this second helping had musicians from 5 groups and was more of a straightforward studio recording without the "concept" theme.



1910 Fruitgum Company
Ohio Express
Music Explosion
Shadows Of Knight
Professor Morrison's Lollipop


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"Kasenetz-Katz Singing Orchestral Circus"

Click Here For Beethoven - Symphony # 9 - Instrumental Click Here For Chopin - Nocturne - Instrumental
Click Here For Little Bit Of Soul Click Here For Mrs. Green
Click Here For Orgy Of Lust - Instrumental Click Here For Place In The Sun
Click Here For Quick Joey Small (Run Joey Run) Click Here For Wagner - Evening Star - Instrumental

"Kasenetz-Katz Super Circus"

Click Here For Dong - Dong - Diki - Diki - Dong Click Here For Down Town In Tennessee
Click Here For Easy To Love Click Here For Embrassez Moi
Click Here For I Got It Bad For You Click Here For I'm In Love With You
Click Here For Log In Fire Click Here For New York Woman
Click Here For Up In The Air  


"Super K Production Co." Selection

Click Here For Elevator Man - British Road Runners Click Here For The Gung, Gung, Song - The Carnaby Street Runners
Click Here For Hipological - Chicago Prohibition 1931 Click Here For Gimme, Gimme, Good Lovin' - Crazy Elephant
Click Here For Whole Lot Of Lovin' - The Detroit Road Runners Click Here For Sweetness of Soul - Fat Man's Music Festival
Click Here For Just Because - The Feathers Click Here For Ah La - The Flying Giraffe
Click Here For House Of The Rising Sun - Charles E. Funk Rebellion Click Here For Wasted - The Great Train Robbery
Click Here For I Feel A Fever Comin' On - J. C. W. Ratfinks Click Here For Hard Core Groovin' - Jamie Lyons
Click Here For The La La Song - Lt. Garcia's Magic Music Box Click Here For Sweet Talkin' Willie - Teri Nelson Group
Click Here For 1989  Musical Marching Zoo - Mother Goose Is On The Loose Click Here For Overloaded - Octopus
Click Here For Take A Big Hit On The Jug - Ohio Ltd. Click Here For Itchy, Itchy - Prof. Morrison's Lollipop
Click Here For Bubble Gum Music - Rock 'n' Roll Dubble Bubble Trading Card Co. of Philadelphia 1941 Click Here For Sister Honky Tonk - Silver Fleet
Click Here For Mama Lu - Super 'K' Generation  


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