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Tony Burrows

Burrows started out in music as a teenager in the mid 1950s, amid the skiffle boom in England, he turned professional In the early 1960 and became a member of The Kestrels, formed with three school friends and later adding a fourth member, with little charting success they disbanded in 1965. He joined The Ivy League (unfortunately after their hit-making days) and was still with them when they transformed into The Flower Pot Men. Having really only ever had the one significant hit, "Let's Go to San Francisco", reaching number four in the UK chart in 1967. The Flower Pot Men dated quickly and transformed themselves yet again to become White Plains, Burrows vocal talents helped them chart another hit. Burrows simultaneously worked with Brotherhood Of Man for a few sessions, that charted another hit for Burrows. At the same time he got together with other friends and sang lead on a silly song originally meant for a children's record and was credited to The Pipkins. The collaboration between friends under the 'guise of a group called Edison lighthouse produce another top 10 hit for Burrows.  He actually holds a Guinness World Record of having four records in the British Top Ten at once, all under different names.

  • White Plains - "My Baby Loves Lovin'"
  • The Pipkins - "Gimme Dat Ding"
  • Edison Lighthouse - "Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes)"
  • The Brotherhood of Man - "United We Stand"

Later a studio creation hit "Beach Baby" was credited to The First Class in 1974 charting in the top 10 in both in UK and USA.

Burrows sang with Domino, Touch, Magic, Original Cast, and West End Boys, as well as his own, without any chart success. He recorded several singles under his own name, among them "Melanie Makes Me Smile", "The Humming Song", and "Hand Me Down Man". His previous popularity actually working against him.

Burrows also recorded as a session singer with Elton John, Cliff Richard, and James Last. Be sure to check out the hyperlinked groups above on the various pages & alpha listings, as only the tracks in which Burrows featured are listed here.


Flower Pot Men

Click Here For There's A Place - The Kestrels

The Kestrels

Click Here For Please Please Me - The Kestrels
Click Here For Walk Right In - The Kestrels
Click Here For Every Little Move She Makes - Burrows
Click Here For Girl You've Got Me Going - Burrows
Click Here For In The Bad, Bad Old Days (Before You Loved Me) - Burrows
Click Here For Melanie Makes Me Smile - Burrows

Edison Lighthouse

Click Here For In A Moment Of Madness - Flower Pot Men

White Plains

Click Here For My Baby Loves Lovin' - White Plains
Click Here For Gimme Dat Ding - Pitkins
Click Here For Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes) - Edison Lighthouse


Click Here For Take Me In Your Arms - Edison Lighthouse

Brotherhood of Man

Click Here For United We Stand - Brotherhood of Man
Click Here For Beach Baby - The First Class
Click Here For The Disco Kid - The First Class
Click Here For Dreams Are Ten A Penny - The First Class

Click Here For Too Many Golden Oldies - The First Class

The First Class

Click Here For Never Gonna Fall In Love Again - Magic
Click Here For Better Fly, Butterfly - Touch
Click Here For Summertime - West End Boys
Click Here For Have You Had A Little Happiness Lately - Domino


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