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This is not a download or file sharing site. It is a non-commercial web site that was established in July 2005 as a music museum to share our love of the music that dominated the world hit parades from the late 1950’s to the end of the 1980’s. It has strong coverage in areas of special interest to the three Australian creators and managers of this site – Belinda for 70's-80's, Dan for Doo Wop and Keith for 60's Rock and Roll.

The musical tracks here are sourced from contributors' private collections and are for evaluation purposes only playing in low-fi (24-32 kbps.) They are not of a commercial audio standard and thus are not in competition to the retail products available from recording companies. Indeed, with every featured artist or group page, we insert a link to a web page of that artist or group. In many cases those linked pages provide information to enable people to purchase commercial audio quality material as directed by the original artists. We have also provided a worldwide listing of many music stores and on-line sites where albums may be purchased. Our formal disclaimer underneath provides more legal information

The only advertisements or links found on our site are to our own Pop Hits group on Ning, to other music sites that share similar material to ours, performing artists' web sites and music stores and directories throughout the world. We derive no income or commissions of any kind from this web site or its links but hope that the taste of the music from the 40-year period that we cover will inspire people to purchase quality recordings of the music evaluated here.

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If you wish to participate in a community with us, please apply to join our Ning Social Community Music Group by clicking on the link provided below. We also ask you to use our broken links button to report any songs that from time to time will not work and need repair.

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The music here is in windows media player format and there is no guarantee of consistent quality. The songs on this site are copyrighted by the respective artist and are placed here for research, evaluation and education purposes only. No profits are made on this site from their use.  In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, any copyrighted work on this site is distributed under fair use without profit or payment to those who have expressed an interest in receiving for non-profit research and educational or criticism purposes only. [CLICK HERE TO VIEW While it is a criminal offence to profit from the distribution of bootleg and or pirated music it is not illegal to have simple possession of such material. The Mangers cannot be held responsible for any illegal activity subsequently perpetrated by others. Please support our featured artists by purchasing officially licensed products from your music retailer.

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